Who It’s For

Established businesses generating search traffic but looking to get to the next level are the best fit. The First Page Results Algorithm product is utilized primarily by national e-commerce brands to improve search rankings in Google. Startups or new websites are not the target market for this product and are recommended to engage in our traditional SEO consulting services first to see the best ROI.


Naturally the top search results get more clicks because there is less scrolling for a person to do. Moving pages on your site from the 3rd position to ranking 1st can result in 3x more traffic (~11% of clicks vs  ~35% in first position). Imagine 3x more revenue from organic searches that bring high-converting customers.

Beyond traffic and revenue increases, many consumers use Google organic search rankings as a proxy for trustworthiness and product quality. Ranking on the top half of the first page instead of the bottom half for competitive searches can be a game changing outcome for many brands.

Appearing at the top of search results is proven to deliver better results than all other forms of advertising because when users are searching online for products and services the intent to learn more about and purchase is shown. Capturing a potential customer in real-time via search traffic beats other forms of advertising such as TV and online display advertisements which focus on interrupting what a person is doing. Interruption marketing can never be as effective as serving an intention a potential customer already has.

How It Works

Whether your business is global, national or local, the First Page Results Algorithm gives forward thinking organizations an edge over competitors using last year’s organic search marketing strategies. Additionally, the product has been used to move down negative search results as well as part of reputation management campaigns. Below is a brief explanation of the product.

  • The First Page Results Algorithm software analyzes Google results for your key traffic and revenue driving terms.
  • Based on the algorithm data, our expert consultants provide recommendations to improve your most important landing-pages.
  • We notify Google of the updates to your website so that the search engine bots recognize the changes and results occur quicker.
  • The First Page Results Algorithm continually uses signals to communicate with and show Google’s algorithm that your site should be ranked higher than competitors.
  • Results and any strategy adaptations are delivered on monthly strategy calls with your account manager.
To learn more and see if the First Page Results Algorithm can help your business, schedule a consultation today.