Our approach matches clients needs but the end goal is always the same: more organic traffic and revenue. Here are results from clients utilizing our First Page Results Algorithm and search traffic consulting.

First Page Results Algorithm Example 1

Short term results for an ecommerce brand that had good rankings but were stagnant. This site was close to the first page or at the bottom of the first page for many key terms in their industry. As shown below, these competitive keywords experienced dramatic improvement with one of the top terms moving from 9th to 7th and another important keyword moving from 12th to the middle of the first page to rank 5th.

Moving rankings from the second to the first page and improving pages already ranking on the first page can have a dramatic impact on traffic and revenue.

First Page Results Algorithm Example 2

Long-term results for an ecommerce brand targeting competitive terms with high search volume. As shown below, with a sustained campaign incredible results are possible on very lucrative keywords. A target keyword with 201,000 searches per month term was pushed from being buried on the 3rd page in the 23rd position all the way up to ranking 4th.

A sustained campaign in a highly competitive industry can grow revenue significantly and produce a better ROI than any paid marketing channel.

New Brand Gaining Organic Traffic



“Things are a lot better from the point of view of sales and the report format is pretty easy to understand. We feel GrowTap does everything possible to help our ecommerce business be great.” – Confidential Client, Fashion Industry

Google Unnatural Links Penalty Recovery

google penalty recovery seo
Penalty Recovery


“We contracted with an SEO company that started purchasing backlinks to gain an edge in search rankings. When Google penalized us we lost all our traffic and asked that all the links be removed. That didn’t work so we need(ed) help…Thank you for all the hard work!” – Confidential Client, Consumer Electronics Industry