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For ecommerce & online businesses.

What’s Your Website Conversion Percentage?

We establish the baseline, then work tirelessly to increase it.

There are numerous variables that effect whether a customer decides to click the buy button or close out the tab. Through a data driven approach, we find the problems areas on your website and test solutions to provide the maximum increase in revenue for your business.
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The Conversion Funnel

Discover where you are losing customers to increase revenue.

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Identify Problems, Test Solutions

Transitioning from opinions to data driven decisions.

Most websites are built based on someone’s opinion – either the client’s or that of a designer. The site is then rebuilt once the design becomes stale. It’s has a new style, but again, it’s based on someone’s opinion. What about optimizing the conversion funnel to help grow the business?

By adding just a few lines of code we can make both big and small changes live to your website. In discovering what changes lead to increased revenue, the cycle of guesswork and opinions is broken and we can follow the data to help you grow your business.

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Track Results

What gets measured gets done.

The old way to do marketing was a meticulously planned, big spend, “big-bang” campaign. Send it out into the world, sit back and wait to see what the results are. Even today, this is how a lot of money is wasted & profit is lost. Instead, we test our hypotheses by tracking your website visitors and adapting to deliver your business more revenue.
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What To Expect

Eyeing the details to grow your business.

Analytics Review and Setup

  • To start, we’ll analyze your existing analytics data and fix any mistakes in how things are setup so we’re tracking the right data.
  • Next, we’ll agree on what data tracking and testing tools you need to add to your website. This is very simple and only involves copying and pasting a few lines of code.
  • Before we go further, we’ll correct any obvious issues hurting your revenue that are easy to fix. No need waiting and testing solutions for obvious mistakes.

Research and Consulting

  • We’ll learn about your target audience’s goals and buying triggers.
  • Review qualitative data such as customer feedback, support tickets and live chat conversations to identify common issues. Doing this work gets us inside the customer’s head and speeds the process to increasing revenues.
  • Sales funnel review and recommendations for improvements (email campaigns, advertisements, pay per click)
  • Identify site problems based on the tracking data we’ve been collecting so far.


  • Create and rank potential solutions based on traffic, importance of the page, and ability to implement the solution quickly.
  • We’ll run each test at least one week. Ending tests early will result in false positives. The goal is immediate and long-term revenue increases so it’s important to get this right. Tuesday’s traffic and buyers are often different than Saturday’s traffic and buyers.
  • Continue testing. If you’re generating over $20,000 per month in revenue, you should take it seriously and always be working to optimize for conversions and revenue. Success and long-term revenue growth will come from a controlled iterative process.

Do you have a guarantee?

I’ll treat your website like it was my own. A business relationship that ends after 90 days is a failure. My goal is to get the results needed to earn your on-going business.

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Increase Next Month’s Revenue
For ecommerce & online businesses.